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Too many people struggle to break into the industry, talented filmmakers get buried under massive college debt, and content creators are tired of scouring YouTube for quality training. We have created a more affordable alternative to film school where you learn directly from master filmmakers.

Over 150 industry professionals who have been honored with over 70 Academy Awards, Emmys, BAFTAs, and Golden Globes will guide you step-by-step through the filmmaking process.

Whether you want to make better independent films, TV commercials, documentaries, or industrial videos, join the inner circle of master filmmakers whose work has grossed up tens of billions of dollars around the world.

What do you get with Arts & Business Center?

Our complete online filmmaking program is designed for filmmakers who want to learn every aspect of the filmmaking process. Emmy and Academy Award winning filmmakers take you onto the set from the birth of your idea through distribution in groundbreaking detail. 

18 Filmmaking Master Courses

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These are no ordinary online filmmaking courses. You will learn from the best of the best. Our instructors have been honored with over 70 Academy Award and Emmy wins and nominations.  No film school on Earth has this caliber of instructors.

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Art Department Certification

Assistant Director Department Certification

Audio Department Certification

Audio Post-Production Course

Camera Department Certification

Cinematography - Framing and Composition Course

Documentary Filmmaking Course

Video Editing Certification Course

Electric Department Certification

Film Directing

Getting Started in the Film Industry - An Introductory

Grip Department Certification

Locations Department Certification

Marketing and Distribution Course

On Set Safety Certification Course

Producing Department Certification

Professional Screenwriting Certification.

Screenwriting Final Draft Course.